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ESOICH Global offers a wide range of services, that will help you reach your goals and achieve social impact.

Consulting Services:

Esoich is very versatile, our consulting services is tailored to meet the needs of vary clients and by the project. we work hand in hand with your staff, training them , or we can assume total responsbility for entire project. our consultants can provide  on site services, working  directly with you to solve your problems. our off-site staff can develop a complete turn key system without intruding on your daily operations. We can integrate the system with your existing  facilities,or we can host it at our own location. We can even educate  your staff in technologies, expanding your organisation's efficiency. We provide a complete state-of-the-art solution with multiple benefits. Our expertise in project architecture, design, development and management will provide the foundation upon which your company can build and expand. The appropriate selection and integration of technology is critical to the success of any business, that why we work  with you  to understand your needs, identify your full potential, and then bring the best solutions together that will beat your imagination. we are sure that our results will satisfy you and meet the specific needs of your company.


Project Management:

IT Projects Management has become a challenging area. Complexities of projects, lack of specialist are some of the barriers to an effective Project Management. Lacunas in managing a project results in customer dissatisfaction and burdens the IT team. In the end, IT Project management services turns out to be a failure. Apart from gaps in project management, there are challenges around flexibility, Budgetary constraints and a challenging economy imply fewer resources. Therefore, there is a need for a flexible Project management workforce as well. ESOICH's team of experienced project management experts offer end-to-end Project Management, execution and project management support services.


We have developed a world class suite of integrated services delivered with our professional staff to provide organisations with the confidence that their projects will facilitate delivery of their corporate goals. Our teams ensure that your best interests are always our primary driving force. Our Project Managers are available on a consultative basis or on a full-time service, depending on your requirements, budgetary constraints and timelines. Bringing in extensive experience in various verticals, our managers work closely to ensure that the job is done and help in overcoming the challenges. ESOICH Project Management Consultancy Services are focused at helping our clients maintain SLAs and achieve better cost-efficiencies. We work in partnership with our clients, thereby ensuring that their business priorities, interests and objectives are met.


Our project management service involves the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and delivery of projects on your behalf, ensuring your corporate goals are achieved. Our approach to system selection revolves around understanding your business requirements, specific industry needs and your business practices.


We provides you with:


  • Strong leadership and  expert guidance to you and your project teams
  • Teamworking to enable optimum solutions to be developed
  • Protection of your interests from outset to completion
  • Assurance of successful delivery


Whether you are at concept, ready to build or troubleshooting a problem, our innovative project leaders look beyond the basics of on-time, on-budget completion to add value at every step. Our project professionals excel in integration with client teams. We work with clients and stakeholders to minimize occupancy costs, increase return on investment and improve sustainability.


ESOICH 's project leaders are guided by rigorous implementation of project management best principles and quality assurance. ESOICH 's documented internal systems are the gold standard for efficiency and effectiveness, and include creative and inclusive strategies for communications, reporting and consultation.


  • Project Planning
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Approvals
  • Design Management
  • Change Management
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Acceptance and Turnover
  • Final Project Close Out



Effective communication is central to the success of every project. You can rely on ESOICH to provide this through every phase of the project.

We work with you to develop detailed project plans and specifications, providing complete visibility from project inception to completion. This includes regular, concise status reports to keep you abreast of any important issues. Upon project completion, we provide extensive documentation and training to ensure easy integration of our work into your organization.


Quality Assurance:

Quality and consistency are the values on which you have built your business success. Outstanding products, outstanding customer service in every location, every time.

Maintaining those standards is essential to keeping you out in front. But that becomes harder and harder the bigger you get.

In every situation you need assurance that your own high standards of quality and consistency are being met. In every location, every time.

we have an extensive track record in all areas of quality assurance.We are particularly experienced in data synchronization and cross-platform testing for applications that span handheld devices, desktops, and the Web.


Our concept of quality encompasses the quality of our products and the quality of the services which we provide for our customers. This quality concept includes excellent advice on applications and design, professional service-centric sales support, uniformly high level of quality, flexible and punctual delivery and outstanding process capability for our products. This quality concept is implemented by the systematic alignment of the company on the quality policy within the framework of a quality management system.

We support and promote the awareness of quality and responsibility in all our employees through a combination of strategic measures directed towards training and motivation. All our employees are encouraged to play a continuous and constructive role in improving and developing our Quality Management system.


ESOICH have professionals with advance quality-assurance skills. We work with you to determine the right testing process for your project. We can follow your testing standards, or recommend an approach based on our experience and the needs of your project. In either case, our number-one priority is making your product or service a success. we offer different types of testing, such as; Test for correct operation in all environment, Review and test scenario's described in hard copy or help systems, check all possibilities that should produce an error message or alert,Verify that individual modules interact correctly, ensure behavior is as expected with different browser,Execute a standard series of test to confirm stability, ensure the product is user friendly, test adaptation of product to different national markets.




When you Partner with ESOICH Global be assured that your are partner with experts who can deliver encyclopedic solutions which address your most common and imperative management challenges, including:

  • Save Time, Money and Resources without having to compromise on standards of service

  • User Satisfaction
    Our vast collection of top quality products, and wealth of experince in project management, our league of expert are sure to produce project that will surely satisfy our clients.


  • Reducing the risk involved with adopting new technology
  • Our experts follow the latest advances and know when a technology is ready for prime time, saving you from costly mistakes. Our staff is always testing the latest technologies, implementing the best for our customers, and protecting them from the technologies that do more harm than good.


  • Providing technology-based solutions to meet your overall business strategy 

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Our clients are ever assured of a low price products with high functionalities. We tend to work closely with our clients to prevents project costs from getting out of control and eroding the expected strategic return. 


  • We are Quick to Deliver
    Success today lies in being smarter and faster than the competition, not just more cost-efficient. We work with clients to deliver innovative, technology-enabled business solutions that help them grow their businesses. 


  • Trainig
    We conduct training on our products to ensure our clients can work independently of  ESOICH

  • Absorption of Technology
    Successfully implementing new business solutions requires more than just process or technology expertise. It also demands an emphasis on issues such as corporate culture and methodology. We at ESOICH are dedicated to helping users and IT staff assimilate new processes and technologies, to ensure that clients reap the maximum benefit from their interaction with the  new technology. 

  • Technology that stands the test of time.
  • At ESOICH we help our client choose technologies that will last well into the future.


  • An ethical organisation - The Co-operative values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the way which we provide our service, offering transparent fees and clear regular communication during the project administration.


  • Dedicated - A dedicated case handler offers you one key point of contact throughout your project administration.


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