Mirdex is made up of a rich-interactive collection of business softwares that serve the need of different businesses, no matter the size. When it comes to managing your business Mirdex is an expert that can keep your business on top of your competitors. Brief features are stated below;



It is highly flexible to users, it can be customize to suite their needs. It has an Online Version that runs on the internet and an Offline Version that runs without the internet, making it serve the needs of diverse users and their requirements.


High Performance

In every business, time is a very vital factor, "Mirdex" is the name every business man calls when it comes to speed. It is design for fast retreival of information, thereby increasing perfomance.

Easy to operate

Mirdex applications is very easy to operate. Based on its beautiful user-interface and speed, users are always confortable when working with it.


Quick Reporting

Getting information from the application is fast and easy to use, Mirdex is design in such a way to make handling information quick, and less stressful,


Works Offline and Online

Mirdex is design to meet the needs of vary users, the online versions saves users the stress of getting an entire department of IT personels and server Engineers to keep the application running. On the other hand some users prefers to manage their information locally using domains and having IT departments, for such users Mirdex offline version is for you.

Easy To Install

Installation of mirdex comes very easy with documentation.

The Mirdex Family

Mirdex Hospital Management Systems(HMS).

Mirdex HMS is a rich-interactive solution for the business and clinical needs of Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes. This user-friendly application covers all areas of hospital management...

Mirdex School Management Systems

Mirdex School Management System is a complete solution for managing different educational instituttions. It covers both the business and academic needs of any education intitutions...

Mirdex Hotel Management Systems

Mirdex Hotel Management Software is powerful and very flexible tool that can be use to manage any hotel of any size. It performs essential financial and organizational functions for hotels, motels, resorts....

Mirdex Restaurant Management Software

Mirdex Restaurant management software helps you optimize your restuarant business to increase the growth of your business, with a very advance set of function

Mirdex Accounting Software


Mirdex Accounting Software is a State-of-the-art Solution that can help any organisation archieve all improvement it needs in its business, with a sophisticated world-class functionality / features has made this accounting software

Mirdex Payroll Manager


A fully integrated, comprehensive complete tool to manage the payroll section of any organisation. it ensures the integegrity of your information allowing you to focus on a proper management of your staffs...

Mirdex Super-Market Management System

Mirdex Supermarket Manager is a highly responsive and easy to use solution for the automation of supermarket management from small scale to a very large supermarket. Efective supermarket...

Mirdex Christian Software

The finest and most comprehensive suite for managing any christian organisation such as Churches, Christian Meetings, Cells, and others. Mirdex Christian Manager is a highly responsive, fast, easy and user-friendly...

Mirdex Transportation Manager(TMS)

An highly interactive user-friendly software for the automation of transport companies such as; For-Hire and LTL Carriers, truck brokers, private car hire services, railway, inter and intra city transport service providers..

Mirdex Library Software.


Mirdex Library Management System is an advance and elegant library management software which is designed to make carrying out the day to day library activities very easy. It is suitable for special...

Mirdex General Business Solution

Mirdex Business manager is solution with state-of-the-art functionalities, it comprises of various mirdex solution functions such as mirdex payroll, mirdex accounting system, mirdex sales manager and alot of others.. .

Mirdex Pharmacy/Lab Solution

A rich-interactive solution for managing medical stores, this software comes with sophisticated functions that makes managing a pharmacy as easy and effective as possible, it is highly customizable....