Mirdex Hospital Management System(HMS)




Mirdex HMS is a rich-interactive solution for the business and clinical needs of Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes. This user-friendly application covers all areas of hospital management, its accounting system, Visits, Ambulances, Procedures, Payroll, Doctors, Diagnosis, House keeping Services, Supplies, and many more functionalities, making health care activities very easy to go about. Every medical organization seeks to cover more grounds in an ever changing business world; Mirdex HMS is one such tool that will surely increase productivity and efficiency of any medical organization. Mirdex HMS is built to vercome challenges faced by most medical softwares, such FLEXIBILITY; it is highly flexible to users, it can be customize to suite their needs. it has an Online version that runs on the internet and an offline version that runs without the internet, making it serve the needs of diverse users and their requirements, HIGH PERFOMANCE; in every business, time is a very vital factor, "Mirdex HMS" is name every doctor should call when it comes to speed. It is design fast retreival of information.




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